Justhost Coupon $2.95 Per Month

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Justhost Review – Is Justhost Really Best Web Hosting ?

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About Justhost Hosting – History :

Justhost started in 2008 and in this very short period it has developed its presence in the web hosting market. It is an award winning company and has been among the world’s top 5 web host providers in 2013. Justhost has become very much popular among the people and is one of the leading webhost providers. It is a Californian based company and claims to have more than 2,000,000 customers by now. Till now Justhost has won many prestigious awards for their rigorous performance and support including Best Host Award and Editor’s Choice Award etc.

Get Justhost Hosting At $2.95 Per Month

Justhost is popular for its transparency and simplicity. It is very simple and easy going, there is no need to have any technical knowledge to host your own website if your web host provider is Justhost. You can easily create your website even if you do not have any technical knowledge. It provides great features for Beginners as well as for Advance users.

Justhost Hosting Plans and Packages Review :

Justhost have simple plans and packages which are customer friendly. Customers can easily understand the offers and its services. Some hosting companies come up with a huge collection of plans and services which leaves the customer baffled and the customer gets confused about what is actually offered and what actually is needed, while some companies offer plans which include basic features which leaves the customer to search for their required tools on other sites. But when you are a customer of Justhost it completely looks for your satisfaction by offering the right plan with the right set of features which completely includes all the required products for your website hosting. So we can say that Justhost is popular for both: its simplicity as well as for its wide range of products, which makes the customer completely satisfied.

Justhost Server Uptime and Page Load Speed Review :

Justhost has maintained a 99.97% Uptime Since July 2008, which is considered to be outstanding. Justhost completely justifies its name. It provides a simple way to host a website with complete clarity services. They come up with two simple plans: Regular and Premium. They are complete customer friendly web host providers. Justhost provides fast, reliable and spacious web hosting services.

Customer Support :

Justhost’s priority is customer satisfaction. It gives first preference to its customers, it’s packages include all the webhosting requirement features. Justhost provides complete customer control on their webhosting without being baffled around with number of choices.

Justhost Hosting Features :

With Justhost you get Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth , Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, 9.99% Up-time Guarantee, cPanel Control Panel, Free $100 Google Credits, Free Website Builder, Easy to use Customizable Templates, SEO Tools and WordPress. It provides unlimited disk space, Unlimited Add-on, Sub domains, Parked domains, traffic, free Site builder and free instant backup. There are more features provided, you can install Drupal, Joomla, phpBB and Magneto scripting softwares on a single click.

Free Website Builder and Customizable Tool:

Justhost provides you very easy ways to create a website even if you don’t know to create one. You can create your own website with the website builder tool within a few minutes, without using any Content Management system. This website builder tool is available in all the plans of Justhost for absolutely free. A website builder wizard is available if you need any kind of help when using website builder tool.  Justhost has a wide range of customizable tools from which you can choose and customize them by dragging and dropping. There are all kinds of plug in and scripts available by which you can easily add blogs or forums to your website.

It has various good packages which come with great offers. In these packages you get complete features which are essential for hosting a website. It offers installation of only those common softwares which are essential for web hosting.

You can freely register your domain name if you wish to use their web hosting services and further every year they will be paying the domain renewal fee until you stop using their web hosting services. If you have already registered domain name then you can simply use this service anytime from the cPanel Control Panel.

Easy To User Control Panel  ( CPanel ) :

cPanel is very easy to use and is very customer friendly. cPanel is helpful for easy navigation and provides easy access to all the configurations. You can have your group site builder, you can upload your website to the hosting company. For scripting Justhost provides automatic installation of Fantastico, Joomla,WorPress, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc. You have space to manage your email accounts. If customer needs to create their own unique or unconventional application they are provided with the facility that they can manually install required softwares.

Justhost provides a very good feature which helps you to easily switch from a webhost to Justhost as it provides an easy Website transfer method. These all features are right now available with huge discount. You can get this deal at justhostcouponz.weebly.com

Technical Support :

Justhost has 24/7 customer support ,which is common in all web host providers but there are certain unique features which makes Justhost to stand out of the crowd. Justhost provides anytime money back guarantee. They provide Live chat support, Email support then a very nice search engine where you can search any of your problems. Justhost’s technicians are well knowledgeable and are available 24/7 It provides complete customer satisfaction